Writing About Science on Medium

It is about more than just science

Gil Pires
4 min readMar 4, 2024
Photo by Olena Bohovyk on Unsplash.

My first story on Medium was about polio. I wrote about how Africa became wild-polio free thanks to vaccines. Its paragraphs are dreadfully long — something I find in most of the things I wrote that year — and the story was published eight months after the fact, hardly fresh news at that point.

However, despite its many flaws, it marked the beginning of my journey as a science writer and because of that it holds a special place in my heart. That was nearly three years ago. I have learned a lot since then about writing, structure and which styles suit me best.

Finding your own voice

Medium is an incredible platform to find your voice.

I have written long stories and short stories on the same topic, and found out that I tend to muddle the point in longer formats. I have done impersonal news stories and written biased short assays (bordering on opinion pieces), to find out I like to do both. I have done one-shot stories and multi-part series, and enjoyed them equally.

Thanks to the Lists feature, I am also able to curate my own work by subject matter — health, climate and environment, wildlife — and better understand what I like to write about the most, and whether or not that has online engagement.